Resolution of Thumb Pain following Adoption of Mathieu Needle Holder: An Ergonomic Analysis

Schuth, Olga MD; Powers, Jeremy MD; Merritt, Wyndell MD; Blanchet, Nadia MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: April 2020 – Volume 8 – Issue 4 – p e2768



As surveys reveal the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain among surgeons, it is important to have an appreciation and understanding of surgical ergonomics to protect against long-term injuries and mitigate the symptoms of existing conditions. Surgeons diagnosed with thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) joint osteoarthritis, a progressive and debilitating condition, can be especially vulnerable to the pain caused by the repetitive manual tasks of operating.


In this article, the authors describe a case of occupational thumb CMC arthritis in a right-hand dominant plastic surgeon and provide an ergonomic analysis of the different needle holders.


Following diagnosis, the simple switch from the traditional Hegar needle holder to the Mathieu needle driver with its palm grip and rotating ratchet lock mechanism stalled the progression of the disease, allowing the surgeon to continue operating pain free.


This is the first report of utilization of an alternative needle holder leading to the resolution of thumb pain. In sharing this case, the authors hope to bring awareness to the importance of hand ergonomics in the operating room and offer a practical tip to surgeons with CMC arthritis.

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