Stephanie Groger

Welcome Stephanie Groger to the practice

We are very excited to introduce Stephanie Groger to the practice. Stephanie is an RN who previously worked at the PACU at Johnston Willis Hospital where Dr Blanchet was impressed by her competence, kindness, and character . Stephanie is joining our aesthetics program. She has proficiency in Vivace for general skin tightening and brightening, Clear […]

Revising Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction

Adam M. Goodreau, M.D.; Cassandra R. Driscoll, M.D.,  M.P.H.; Anthony Nye, M.D.; Lauren C. Nigro, M.D.; Nadia P. Blanchet, M.D. Summary: Prepectoral prosthetic breast reconstruction continues to gain popularity, largely due to its decreased postoperative pain, animation deformity, and operative time as compared to subpectoral reconstruction. Widespread use has  led to opportunities for surgical revisions. While some […]

Should We Detach From Matisol

Lauren C. Nigro, M.D.; Nadia Blanchet, M.D. Medical adhesives and glues are commonly used over or around surgical incisions for a variety of reasons, including to reduce infection, improve scar appearance, increase incision strength, decrease operative time, negate the need for suture removal, and prolong the adherence of surgical dressings such as occlusive films and […]

Resolution of Thumb Pain following Adoption of Mathieu Needle Holder: An Ergonomic Analysis

Schuth, Olga MD; Powers, Jeremy MD; Merritt, Wyndell MD; Blanchet, Nadia MD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: April 2020 – Volume 8 – Issue 4 – p e2768 Abstract Background:  As surveys reveal the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain among surgeons, it is important to have an appreciation and understanding of surgical ergonomics to protect against long-term […]