About Dr Nadia Blanchet

Dr. Nadia P. Blanchet has been in practice for over 20 years and is located primarily in the Richmond, Virginia area. Taking great care of and investing time in her patients is a priority for Dr. Blanchet. Her specialties include breast cancer reconstruction and all cosmetic surgery including laser resurfacing

Meet Our Team

We are women taking care of women (and a few men).

The Operating Team (from left to right)

  1. Robin Blanchard CRNA, Doctorate in Anesthesia
  2. Marilyn Sager, Certified Surgical Technician 
  3. Cindy Grubaugh, RN and Circulator 
  4. Dr.  Nadia Blanchet 
  5. Susan Smith, RN and OR supervisor 

Giving Back

My husband and I have been doing volunteer surgery every year for the past 2 decades in St. Vincent and The Grenadines in the West Indies. I have some photos of patients from St.Vincent who have given me permission to have their images shown on my website. I share these images in the hope that some of you may also become enthusiastic about the Richmond based “World Pediatric Project”. World Pediatric Project sends many Richmond surgical teams to developing nations and when necessary, they bring very sick children to Richmond for life-saving treatment. Many Richmond physicians participate in this program, including other plastic surgeons, and I am glad to be among them. The Virginia Community Foundation is another awesome local philanthropic organization whose link is on my website as well.