Giving Back

In the spirit of giving back, Dr. Blanchet supports the following:

World Pediatric Project

Dedicated to the children of the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
The families of these patients have given permission for these images to be shown online. Please note that some of these photos may be too disturbing or graphic for some viewers. I show them because I believe that we can all make a difference in this world in our own way and to raise awareness for the World Pediatric Project (formerly the ‘International Hospital for Children’)

Dr Nadia Blanchet and her husband Dr Kent Rollins are interviewed about their involvement with World Pediatric Project

From our 2020 World Pediatric Trip

St .Vincent 2020, Dr. Blanchet discusses her most recent World Pediatric Trip

World Pediatric Project 2020 St. Vincent musical video

The Virginia Community Foundation

W. J. Blanchet Memorial a $10,000.00 Scholarship for Greater Richmond area high school students interested in medicine, named in honor of Dr. Blanchet’s father.

A Virginia Charity that houses and feeds the homeless and helps them back into society with drug and rehab programs, back to work programs and employment training and opportunities.

Additional Organizations:

Fundraiser support: