Instructional Videos


How to Care for JP Drain (Jackson-Pratt drainage system) after you leave the hospital.

This video describes the best way to care for your Jackson-Pratt drainage system after you leave the hospital.

  • When caring for your Jackson-Pratt at home, it involves the following:
  • Milking the tubing to help move clots
  • Emptying it twice a day and recording the amount of drainage on the Drainage Record
    – If you have more than 1 drain, make sure to measure and record the drainage of each one separately. Do not add them together.
  • Caring for your insertion site, the area where the catheter enters the skin
  • Recognizing when there is a problem

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Navel Stenting – Post Abdominoplasty


Snow Angels Range of Motion exercise for after breast and abdominal surgery

Tissue Expander Simulation

Filling of the tissue expander as part of the process of breast reconstruction can be very terrifying for women, so this video is help get an idea of the process.
*If you get squeamish watching needles, don’t watch this video.

Post-Operative Breast Augment Implant Massage Video

All breast augment patients will be instructed to massage their breasts at some point post -op and Dr. Banchet will start this at different times for each patient but usually within the first few weeks. Breast reconstruction after cancer is a little different- we may have you massage one breast or both or neither. Massaging tissue expanders is usually not helpful and reasonably uncomfortable!

Shoelace cast breast

Occasionally breast implant reconstruction patients will use a shoelace to raise an implant that is sitting a little lower than I would like.


Swiss Therapy

Non- Surgical

MIXto Laser Video Diary

Vein Finder


Micro-needling is a proven technique and Vivace offers micro-needling with radiofrequency which is even more effective.