An Easy and Cost-Effective Method to Perform the “No-Touch” Technique in Saline Breast Augmentation

Shuhao Zhang, MD; and Nadia P. Blanchet, MD

Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2015, Vol 35(6) NP176–NP178

The no-touch technique of breast implant insertion is a well-described method to minimize skin contamination, which is thought to be a significant cause of capsular contracture
after implant-based breast augmentation. Studies have detected bacterial growth in 76% to 89% of contracted implants, and the presence of biofilms has also been shown to increase the risk of capsular contracture in a porcine model. The original no-touch technique was described by Mladick in 1993. In the original iteration, several assistants held retractors to keep the skin incision open and avoid skin contact while the implant was inserted. Here, we describe the simple modification of a disposable, sterile light-handle glove into a sleeve for insertion of a saline prosthesis….

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