Adding Pro-Nox to our practice for pain control

We are very excited to share that we have added Pro-Nox to our practice as an option for pain control and management of anxiety during treatments such as Morpheus8, Vivace and small surgical procedures.

Pro-Nox is FDA approved and widely used in both aesthetic and dental fields. It is a 50\50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. This product is safe for patients except for those who are pregnant, have ear blockage, infection or recent eye surgery. The patient is in control of how much of the gas they inhale and how often. The gas is completely diminished within 10-15 minutes making it safe for the patient to drive home. Most common side effect is
light headedness.

Ask our staff if this would be right for you for your next treatment. If you have a bit of
anxiety or just don’t tolerate pain well this can make you a lot more comfortable and your
treatment much more tolerable.

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