Vivace Microneedling – The Hottest Trend in Aesthetics

Introducing Vivace Microneedling

Introducing the newest generation of microneedling with radio frequency built to improve the contouring and tightening for the face, neck, hands, and body and to produce immediate, pain-free results.


vivace microneedlingThe Vivace Difference:

-Insulated and non-insulated gold-tipped needles for ultimate versatility

-Robotic arm & depth settings down to 3.5mm at .1mm increments more precise than any other RF micro-needling device

-Even delivery of radiofrequency

-Red and Blue LED

-Clear microchannels remain open for four to six hours – offers ideal conditions for PRP and other supplemental topicals


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“This is probably one of the most remarkable devices I’ve seen come along and truly energize our practice in the past 25 years.
Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable client experience, with minimal or no downtime”

– Dr. David B. Vasily, MD, FAAD

“There is always a risk with light-based technology. With Vivace, we redefine no downtime and give patients the results, pain-free experience, and instant gratification the market is demanding today – Simply put, what most lasers can not offer.”

– Dr. Paul Glat, MD