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Surgical Delay of the Nipple-Areolar Complex in High-risk Nipple-sparing Mastectomy Reconstruction

SUMMARY: As nipple-sparing mastectomy gains increasing popularity, minimizing the risk of nipple necrosis continues to be of critical importance to patients and surgeons. Patients with large or ptotic breasts, scars from previous cosmetic and/or oncologic breast surgery, or previous irradiation have often been denied nipple-sparing mastectomy (NSM) because of increased risk of nipple necrosis. A variety of interventions have been suggested to minimize the ischemic insult to the nipple–areolar complex (NAC). This article presents our experience in 26 high-risk patients with surgical delay of the NAC.

(Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open 2016;4:e760; doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000000716; Published online 28 June 2016.)

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Ideal Implants


Dr. Nadia Blanchet’s practice now offers “Ideal” implants which is a saline implant which has more of a silicone feel.

We are pleased to announce that the IDEAL IMPLANT website has been updated to include all of the media coverage we have received since the implants became available.  We are delighted to share that in the past 8 months IDEAL IMPLANT has been featured in newspapers including The NewYork Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, there has been IDEAL coverage on popular news sites like Yahoo and Refinery 29 and women’s magazines including Elle and Allure and IDEAL has appeared in numerous TV segments including the nationally syndicated daytime show The Doctors.

IDEAL Implant News:

IDEAL Implant Image

IDEAL Implant Diagram

St. Vincent 2016

Post Mission Photo Summary - SVGEye&Plastics2016

An Easy and Cost-Effective Method to Perform the “No-Touch” Technique in Saline Breast Augmentation

The no-touch technique of breast implant insertion is a well-described method to minimize skin contamination, which is thought to be a significant cause of capsular contracture
after implant-based breast augmentation. Studies have detected bacterial growth in 76% to 89% of contracted implants, and the presence of biofilms has also been shown to increase the risk of capsular contracture in a porcine model. The original no-touch technique was described by Mladick in 1993. In the original iteration, several assistants held retractors to keep the skin incision open and avoid skin contact while the implant was inserted. Here, we describe the simple modification of a disposable, sterile light-handle glove into a sleeve for insertion of a saline prosthesis….

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Richmond’s Top Docs Give Back


Dr. Nadia Blanchet is recognized year after year as one of Richmond’s leading Plastic Surgeons, but when she’s not at her practice she enjoys giving back as a doctor with the World Pediatric Project. Originally founded in Richmond in 2001 The World Pediatric Project helps children in developing nations all over the world. Along with her husband, Dr. Kent Rollins of Virginia Urology, the pair has traveled to St. Vincent to give medical care to the local children. The couple has since fallen in love with the people, food, and culture on this Caribbean Island and feel fortunate to be part of such a rewarding program.

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World Pediatric Project Brings Children to Richmond for Life-Changing Surgery

World Pediatric Project

World Pediatric Project

The World Pediatric Project, based in Richmond, Virginia heals critically ill children in developing countries, providing critical care for kids who otherwise would be left untreated. Most of the procedures take place overseas but many countries lack the resources and WPP will bring the child and their parents to the United States.

Six children are in Richmond now. One is 7-year-old Juliana from the isle of St. Vincent. Juliana will be treated by three local surgeons who volunteer their time and expertise: Dr. Nadia Blanchet, Dr. Alan Burke, and Dr. Polly Purgason.

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